After two years of valuable and groundbreaking work, Donna Price has decided it’s the right time for her to step down from
her role as British Naturism’s Women in Naturism Co-Ordinator.

In the two years since she took on the post, Donna, (often with husband John) has enjoyed a high-profile in the media, having been featured on many occasions in newspapers, blogs, radio and TV – and not only in the UK – about her life as a woman who enjoys the Naturist lifestyle. All of these media opportunities have been positively received as Donna has emphasised the many benefits of a clothes-free life and she has been a point of contact for many people wishing to learn more about Naturism.

Donna has also made successful contacts with the Women’s Institute movement and has been invited to speak at a number of their gatherings. She has curated the Women in Naturism pages on this website adding great advice and first-person stories aimed specifically at women as they enter the lifestyle, and tell friends and relations about it.

Donna’s work and enthusiasm have been very much appreciated by the Executive Committee and we wish Donna further
success in the future as we know she will continue to extol the virtues of Naturism in her daily life.

We are looking for a successor – and for others to join the Women in Naturism team. Could it be you? Or someone you know? Find information on volunteering here, and follow the links. Alternatively, send an email to British Naturism’s Volunteering Officer, John Gelder