This weekend we say ‘good luck’ to the 50 people going to the first major national gathering in Northern Ireland. Guests will be arriving from both Northern Ireland and the Republic. Wine lovers will enjoy a treat at the Hanwell Estate Wine Tour this Sunday and also this weekend we are trialling a Naked Fitness weekend at British Naturism Sunfolk with a mix of yoga, fitness and meditation.

There’s a profusion of garden days coming up in early August, with another clothes-optional day at Abbey House Gardens, Wiltshire on Sunday 1st, High Beeches, West Sussex on Wednesday 4th, Adlington Gardens, Cheshire on Thursday 5th, and Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh (pictured) on Saturday 7th. You’ll also find our Eastern region beach day at Corton, Suffolk also on Saturday 7th.

Q. How do I find out more about these and other superb events I can attend this summer?

A. Easy! Check out these links:

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