G’day! It’s great to announce that next week’s guest (19th July) on the Forum Live will be Mick Davie, President of the Australian Naturist Federation (ANF)

Mick joined the ANF only two years ago because he saw a need and rather than just sitting back and complaining he put his hat in the ring to lend a hand.

Mick’s background is in road transport, and has had the privilege of driving trucks of all sizes including road trains around the great country of Australia for the past 30 years. Back in 2010 he saw Spencer Tunick photograph hundreds of people, and having his own body image issue, looked further into social nudity and subsequently he and his wife embraced the Naturist lifestyle together.

I’ll be talking to Mick about that journey and about ANF, it’s history and the current status, as well as perceptions of the nude body down under. We’ll also look at holiday options – because we’ll be able to travel there, sometime, won’t we?

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