Over the last three years, Naturists and British Naturism have been targeted by hate groups looking for the next vulnerable minority to abuse for their amusement. Both families and seasoned Naturists have felt the impact of antagonism, forcing us to review how we run events to protect the safety of both attendees and venue staff.

Naturism has a positive effect on the lives of many individuals. It has been proven to improve happiness, confidence, mental health, and self-image. At the same time, British Naturism is committed to taking a stand on behalf of all individuals and minorities that face abuse, be they Naturist or not.

A working group has been looking at how we run events and how we can protect our safety and our beliefs at the same time. Submitting to hate is the antithesis of Naturism, which is built on respect and welcomes all, regardless of background. On Monday 12th July, British Naturism President, Mark Bass, will present the findings of the working group and the strategy moving forward. We hope members will join us to hear the recommendations and support the campaign. Intolerance only flourishes while we let it, so by standing together we can have a positive effect on many lives.

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