The British Naturism/Great British Skinny Dip deities picked a crackin’ day for the North West Great British Skinny Dip on July 17: Hot, sunny, gentle breeze, and the beautiful white sands of Morfa Dyffryn naturist beach near Barmouth, writes BN member, Dugie Eyton-Hughes.

My partner and I had been to this beach before but this was our first BN skinny dip there. In fact, it was our first BN skinny dip…

We arrived around 11 a.m. There were quite a few people already baking in the sun, so we set up the little tent and joined them. It was encouraging to see so many women on the beach.

The tide was out, and the shallow water was bathtub-warm in places and refreshingly icy in others.

Around 2pm, people started gathering, and at a signal from organizer John, around 30 of us dashed into the water. There’s something so companionable about floating around naked in the water and chatting

But the star of the show was the giant pink inflatable flamingo. It went into the sea with us and became a sort of mascot. Here it is with Alex and Cath from Manchester, and David from North Wales. Hope it had as much fun at the GBSD as we did!