In 1990 I left home. I started being naked at home in the evenings and sleeping naked. Sadly the man I lived with didn’t like my body shape when I put on weight and he took every opportunity to let me know. This gave me body image issues. My first step to Naturism was recognising it was HIS issue. I worked on my self-belief until I found the courage to divorce him in 2017, after 34 years together.

After the divorce I developed a strong friendship with someone and that friend helped me recognise that I should be proud of who I am.

My second step to Naturism was a man I met via a dating website who asked me to go to The White House club for the weekend. I didn’t go, but my interest was raised and I began to think about it a lot. As the years after my divorce flew by my self-confidence grew and my body image improved. This year, I finally felt confident enough about my body to take the plunge and join a Naturist club.

I searched for my nearest club and chose Blackthorns. I contacted the membership secretary and they invited me to visit. I consider that to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. All the way to my first meeting I asked myself if I would go through with it? Would it be right for me? Would I be accepted by them?

I chose a hot sunny and busy weekend and Suntrekkers were staying there that weekend too. I had a few hiccoughs when I first arrived but I knew instantly it was where I wanted to be. Everyone made me feel so welcome including the Suntrekkers. I didn’t feel judged for looks. I stayed all day and went back the following day and since signed up to join.

Members of BN have made me feel welcome and I have already made some great friends via messages with whom I am organising meetings. I have booked for some of the events – a walk and a weekend break. I also plan to go for a couple of meals in November and December. It has enriched my home life too because it has increased my own self-acceptance, being comfortable with my body and spending more time naked at home. It is getting to a point that I hate putting clothes on! I am sure in the depths of winter that might change, though!

I feel as if I have come home. I am talking with and meeting people that share my love of being naked, that take me as I am and are not judging me for my looks. I have been made to feel welcome and have been treated with respect. I wish I had joined sooner but I know that I was not ready. I am telling friends and neighbours about my new-found friends and everyone is really positive about it for me. One friend is thinking of joining too.

My advice for anyone thinking about it is to try it. Join BN, join events and/or join a club. Only you can decide when the time is right but I can assure you that the welcome you receive will be warm. There is something for everyone in BN – walks, forums, quizzes, days out and days in. Some events are free so money is not a barrier.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for those already part of this world, thank you for making me feel part of this family.