We are pleased to announce the co-option of John Daly as the new Finance Director of British Naturism. Finance Director is arguably the most important role in the organisation, and the most difficult to fill as it requires very specific skills and qualifications. Therefore, we are very excited that John has agreed to join the team.

John and his wife Liz are members of a number of national federations as they take a very global approach to supporting Naturism. Their knowledge of different federations provides the opportunity to bring best practice from around the world and encourages a strategic approach to management.

John is very keen that British Naturism sets budgets in a more strategic manner, so that resources are available to advance Naturism. This will be a vital contribution as we develop Sunfolk. It is essential that expenditure is part of the overarching plan, so John’s interest in this area will be a real asset to British Naturism.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Martin for his help over the past year. We have been without a Finance Director since Phil Hughes was forced to step back by personal circumstances, so Paul’s willingness to chip in has kept us afloat.

I’m sure you will all join me in wishing John success in the role and thanking Paul for his contribution.