Eight naturists went on Sunday 20 June out from Pattaya for their regular monthly nude fishing boat trip. Another two members had also signed up, but cancelled their participation at the last minute. Someone in their condominium had caught Covid and they wouldn’t risk infecting the rest of us on the trip – in case it would later turn out they had also got it.

For Members only: If you follow this link, you will see 27 more great photos from the trip: https://thailandnaturist.com/groups/boat-and-beach-trips/

Above: Logged-in Members will see a short video from the trip boat.

Other events held over the past few months have been largely shunned by the members out of fear of joining crowds. For example the Nude Modeling Day on Sunday 13 June, which saw only 2 artists join and 7 naturists – against previously 11 artists and 18 naturists.

Naturist in Thailand have been suffering like everybody else under the many restrictions forced upon them to prevent an explosion in the number of Covid-19 cases. Many have also added self-restrictions out of fear of bringing the virus back home to their families.

The new normal is now finally here with the vaccination rollout giving everybody new confidence. The speech earlier this month by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha was also helpful. Three times during the speech did he explicitly state that the people’s enormous suffering had to come to an end even though it meant that we would live with a manageable upsurge in new Covid cases.

The lifestyle of naturists is one of the least risky in terms of facilitating the spread of the coronavirus. We love activities out door, we swim and do fitness, learn yoga and shower and sauna. Naked. When we do parties, they are almost always gatherings outdoor around the grill with a few friends for a shared dinner. A coronavirus would have a hard time surviving here.

Naturist Association Thailand will therefore now restart the hibernating activities in synchronization with the authorities opening of the economy. The remaining, surviving resorts will look forward to gradually seeing overseas visitors being able to return by the third quarter of this year. In the spring of 2022, our flagship event NATCON will finally be able to resume, having been restricted from being held since the last one in 2019.

In the short term, the nude yoga workshops, which we started up in the beginning of March this year and since then have held every Friday afternoon, will now move to the more frequently requested 11 o’clock in the morning on every Saturday, followed by a social brunch for anybody. First time with this new format will be this coming Saturday 26 June.

Before that, there will be a traditional Midsummer Grill Dinner at Barefeet Naturist Resort on Wednesday 23 June.

Next month, we start out with an Open House on Friday 2 July for newly signed up members who in the safety of their clothes can meet the “old” naturists and ask their questions. In the afternoon the will be invited to take the plunge and undress and join the other members. Some time has to be the first time.

Later in July, on Sunday 11 July at 12.00, we will re-start the unique series of naturist-artist meetups. This event has been one of the most successful new activities since it was created last year by a prominent female American naturist member and an energetic coordinator among the artists community in Thailand.

The popular Nude Fishing Boat trips will in July take place on Sunday 18 July. Hopefully this time with a full boat of freshly vaccinated naturists, ready for a return to normal life.