Despite the weather, our live events have been extremely popular and so the good news is there are more to come! This weekend enjoy a visit to Jupiter Artland, Edinburgh and our Eastern region beach day at Corton, Suffolk.

Our Windermere Woodland weekend (pictured) – sorely missed last year – goes ahead 13 -15 August and you’ll find a weekend full of World Naked Bike Rides next weekend with Manchester, London and Brighton, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

That’s a busy weekend for skinny dips too – some of them hosted for a good cause with the Great British Skinny Dip in Wigton, Cumbria, a first-ever costume-free event at Lenches Lake, Worcestershire and a swim at Letchworth Outdoor Pool, Hertfordshire. We’ve also announced a second dip at Marbury Pool, Cheshire.

Don’t forget to keep looking ahead and making sure you book early! There’s been a change of date to our Bournemouth Pier boat cruise in late August and we’ve managed to increase the capacity for the Secret Nuclear Bunker visit in early September.

There are plenty of other places to go and enjoy the exhilaration of clothes-free recreation amongst like-minded people. Check out our club and swim listings and our dedicated website for British Naturism Sunfolk, where we have some availability over the next couple of weeks…

Q. How do I find out more about these and other superb events I can attend this summer?
A. Easy! Check out these links:

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