Oasis Naturist Villa in Karon on Phuket offers members a 30% introduction discount on the room rates published on their website.

“If you book from now and until end of this November you can get this discount of 30 percent – but you don’t have to stay within that period. You can come and enjoy your stay anytime later – and even change that free of charge again later if something would come up,” Roger Steinmann, the owner of the Oasis Naturist Villa, explains.

“This is our ‘Naturist-Welcoming’ – also to honor the ‘risktakers’ among the travelers although it must be said that there is not much of a risk, since Thailand and Phuket has manged the Corona so well.”

The owner of Oasis Villa is Roger Steinmann (right). To the left is the in-house cook Moe Aung.

Roger Steinmann bought the Oasis Villa already in 2010. So why did he decide this year to embrace the naturist market?

“I noticed a few weeks ago that with the years, just all the open gaps for a possible look-in to our villa was overgrown naturally by vegetation. Personally, I myself am used to hang-out naked at Oasis so I thought I would like to share this now that we are shielded from the outside,” says Roger.

Naturism is a life-enhancing idea that is best enjoyed when shared, he says, and the lifestyle is fast being adopted by more and more Thais.

“Oasis has always appealed to individualists ever since I renovated it – including some of them who were swimming naked in our pool even in the past before we were declared naturist, says Roger

From Roger’s experience with guests at Oasis Villa in the past, most guests go out at night for dinner down in Karon which is just down the hill from the villa, or in Patong, which is a few minutes more along the coast.

“But if you don’t want to get dressed, it is possible to eat in. In case of for larger groups, we have a cook on call for in-house menus according to most desired specifics,” he adds.

Roger plans to hold some form of Grand Opening as a naturist resort when we can all travel freely to Phuket. But when is not yet decided – members should keep an eye on the Calendar.

The manager Charlie San Myint (right) with the general help Pai Yan Oo.

Being the owner of Oasis Villa is a hobby for Roger Steinmann – but he does have a regular or main business.

“I come from Switzerland but I’ve traveled for several decades East (to almost entire Asia), and West, where I’ve lived for years in Mexico and in…Hollywood. I still travel frequently for this ‘other business’, but I do hope we will meet in person in Karon Beach – otherwise, my naturist spirit will be certainly flying high at the Oasis, in person of the manager Charlie and our other staff!”

If readers are still curious what this “other business” is, you can check his WikiPedia profile here: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Steinmann