image0.thumb.jpeg.734ad5bd8abfd5e1100939e55da1a4b4.jpegBritish Naturism’s Women in Naturism Campaign has seen a boost in the first few months of 2021. Our high profile, and especially that on social media of Women in Naturism Co-ordinator, Donna Price, led to an approach by a Women’s Institute group in Norfolk and in January we made a virtual presentation to them over Zoom. The ladies at the WI went all out to promote it, especially on Facebook and were rewarded with their largest audience of 42 guests, many from other local WIs.

The presentation, covering many aspects of Naturism was given by Donna and Families officer, Shân Allen. We have handled some interesting questions and the women we have spoken to find it a fascinating and exciting topic for discussion. It is really great to be able to deliver such a positive message about Naturism to a large group of interested women en masse.

We’ve since made contact with all 53 WI Federations in England – and have had positive responses! Many have included our details on their websites or added us to the speaker lists in their Yearbooks.

Even better, we now have two further presentations scheduled and not just for local WI groups, but entire Federations, including all the groups in that region. First up is Somerset next week (121 WI Groups, 3500 members) followed Norfolk in May (150 WI Groups, 5000 members).

We expect to do more…watch this space!