Thanks to everyone reading this who is one of the stunning number of new members who have joined us since January – that’s more than 800 of you! We had an outstanding year for new members in 2020 (as seen on TV … radio … print … worldwide (and it’s still being talked about)) and 2021 has been the same. We now have the highest total membership for eight years.

If you’ve been thinking of joining us and becoming part of this vibrant, active, welcoming, non-judgemental, fun-loving community, perhaps now’s the time. It costs less than £4 a month. Find out about the benefits and come on board!

It’s a shame still to see larger-than-desired numbers of BN members not renewing, though that usually happens at holiday time! If you know people in that category, please try and persuade them to renew. We are stronger and more able, with greater resources to work on behalf of the whole community the larger our membership. A couple of useful resources to help you are:

The website, and

Our 2021 Guide for which there is both hard copies that you can order and hand out and a link to broadcast

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash