A recent study by NaturistTravel.eu revealed, that 25 a hundred men will expose it on the beach all , with 19 percent of women together. Year 4 per cent of Europeans have tried naked travel Only in 2018. Year has already doubled This figure in the past 2019. We at NaturistTravel.eu say, that “getting a general trend is the most popular reason to feel naked for everyone is the beach, with 58 percentage of votes, while 33 it is done by them one hundred percent, to “reconnect with nature” and one in five (9 per hundred) they want to “step out of their comfort zone and feel something new, different and liberated “”.

Upon a time Once, nudist holidays were limited to quiet beaches, but the demand for naked experience grows rapidly on the back of the body’s positivity movement.

In the beginning at the first naturist survival “For about 5 seconds you might feel terrified, but you will find out then, that this is the most natural thing in the world”, a known member of the topless club in New York told me.

Naked design is not uncommon on European beaches, but in some countries they are a more prudent little. However, attitudes are changing. From the collective nudist art to the acceptance of the physical body grows in force, which causes many to dip their toes in the water of naturism.

So let’s get undressed, to pay attention to our clothes to the wind and find out what naturist activities there are for the naked traveler. Naked travel is the next logical step.

1. Find a tranquil naturist beach
For freshmen to travel naked, the naturist beach is the best destination to start probably. Nudism is structured in numerous parts of the world differently, it is allowed somewhere, and elsewhere it is shared simply, and to have countries where it is not allowed or the legislator has missed it simply.

Therefore, find out about the status of nudism in the country first, then check if there are registered nudist beaches or there are just shared ones, ie. separated. Otherwise you can always find sheltered wild and unique beach for naked bathing and swimming somewhere.

For more information by country you can see our beach page HERE.

2. Book a naturista vacation or vacation
Summer vacations are the best way to relax, so why not do it as a naturist? The nagging problem, which you will encounter, is the availability of free accommodation, a year in advance as some of our smaller destinations become fully booked up to. So if you decide to do it, do not hesitate to book, so as not to be surprised unpleasantly, that there are no vacancies.

As for the top destinations, in our opinion, these are the best sellers : island of Corsica in France, the Greek islands (Crete and Rhodes), Spain (mainland and Mallorca), Portugal with its Algavre, Croatia with its thousands of naturist and uninhabited beaches and islands in the Adriatic, not to mention the year-round sunny Caribbean.

You can explore different destinations and opt for the right hotel and beach for you, by viewing our offers HERE. There are various options to decide on as a completely nudist vacation in a hotel that programs a natural holiday or combine, near a nudist beach with a normal hotel and enjoy an unforgettable relaxation and rest.

Find and visit a spa or swimming pool Just
In certain countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, England and others have urban spas that are only for nudists or on certain days and hours are for naturalists.

In other countries such as Austria where spa culture is one of the most calm on the planet. Spa centers usually are only naked (swimsuits are not allowed, but make certain to bring a towel, sometimes you can defend your modesty) there are separate, as well as joint, to ensure men and women mix freely.

More and more spa hotels are looking for special naturist clients, all year round who can enjoy magnificent mountain views, various procedures and thermal pools with spring water, and this may be the best place in the global world for these naturist clients.

4. Take a naturist cruise
Every year Nudist cruises around the coast of Florida are organized, The Caribbean and the Mediterranean and above 5000 souls, all so naked , on the day of their birth as much as. What not to love about this kind of naked travel? There are already more than a few specialized naturist cruise operators (NaturistTravel.eu), and more and more traditional cruise companies are opening the passage to bare sea voyages.

While naked yoga and endless bookstores are generally visited regularly by the younger generation, a reporter confirmed our suspicions of naturist cruises : they are dominated by over 50s.

There is nothing like jumping naked into the sea from a ship and swimming and enjoying nature and sunbathing on deck.

5. Try naked yoga
Yoga has been practiced in the nude since its ancient creation; it has a Sanskrit name even, nagna yoga or vivastra yoga. This is yoga, as provided by the turkeys .

The practice of yoga is one of the most centering, liberating activities; you wonder why it was done by us on clothes at all. From gratuitous or sexual Far, naked yoga tends to promote body positivity, mental well-being and a return to nature.

Nowadays you will locate a naked yoga class in almost every big city, including London and almost all major cities and capitals in Europe, as most offer only for women, classes and men.

With us you can sign up for a vacation with nudist yoga and return naturally to your daily life after that, as well as continue to practice it or with friends alone.

6. Go total naked immersion
There is nothing like running in the ocean in your birthday costume. In some countries are organized events there, which turn into whole holidays for the general naked bathing. For more information you can follow our information channel for events and news HERE.

For the ultra-brave, try the North East Skinny Dip in Northumbria. Every year Hundreds undress and feed the cold, to raise money for MIND. If you are looking for something a more secluded little, head inland to Linhope Spout, where you can dive into the flood pool.

Warmer skinny diving opportunities can be found on nudist beaches in Europe. Try Formentara in Spain, where nudity is common.

When you choose and decide to go to such an event be certain to pre-book a location to stay, if you are decided by you can do it with us HERE.

The perception of naturism no longer has a “hippie” return to the old. It is not nor is it debauchery, nor fashion. As our NaturistTravel.eu team says, “Both expressed words, which summarize the naturist holidays, are relaxation and “freedom. Freedom from clothes and the possibility to relax completely in the environment, in which no-one makes preferences about your body or your clothing. “.

If you are unsure of undressing still, think when you were young how you did naked bathing in the sea or the near by lake and river. How nice it was and what feeling overwhelms you.

And a great tip: “Just try it. You have the legal right. You have a physical body like any other. Day you have so much right to be comfortable On a hot summer, as much as anyone else. Try to be naked Just, it’s not important, how you look in front of other people, and how you feel. “

Naked travel and holidays are becoming a niche trend, but We expect to see more hotels, entertainment and restaurants, offering alternatives to “custom clothing”. According to us from NaturistTravel.eu, the future will depend on the opening of new destinations and beaches. Interest in the naked holidays is rapidly growing, but more naturist resorts are needed, to meet demand.