There are some rules, which you need to learn about naturist etiquette. When you go to a accepted place where the clothing is optional or a nude place, whether it’s a beach, resort or private home, has a common label, which you need to understand and obey. Violating etiquette and refusing to correct your behavior, if requested, may cancel your reservation during your stay and will not refund and, neither will you be compensated.
So we decided, it’s a good idea to let you know by posting some policy suggestions to understand and follow, as well as if you have questions about specific activities. They would be very helpful especially for folks who are new to nudist vacations.

# 1 Find out about nudist bare places or areas. Often only some certain areas of the property are reserved for practicing nudism. Other areas or spots may require full fading. Check with your hotelier or host at the latest on / and arrival or check-in.
# 2 offers many accommodations where ‘clothing is optional’. Find out the clothes for your place is optional or perhaps nude? This means, that you can wear a little clothing, if you prefer. On the other hand, some of them may practice a strict “bare” rule only. In both full cases, clothes are allowed, when it’s cold or to protect your body. However, underwear is not considered appropriate clothing. What areas or areas for bare or optional clothing?
# 3 bring a towel with you Always, wherever you go. It should be used under you, wherever you decide to down sit or lie. Use it Always, putting a towel under you!
# 4 When by using a pool, enter the whirlpool or sauna, bear in mind, that they have also been employed by other guests or hosts before you, so be certain to take a shower before you enter. Mainly books help keep the water cleaner longer and just make others feel more comfortable using the same amenities after or with you.
# 5 If you are a smoker, find out where they are Find out if smoking is allowed and if yes, where are the certain areas and places for that? In any full case, there are non-smokers around you, and comply with them!
# 6 Find out what diet is, where are the places for that. If you are in a private home, are there any designated areas for this or possible anywhere. Are any particular clothing or other requirements during meals there?
# 7 Find out what cleaning procedures are, what the hostel or hotel provides? Where should the garbage be disposed of, if this is your commitment for a longer stay? Do they have to clean the dishes?
# 8 Find out where a washing machine is located or whether it can use a washing machine, as a ongoing service? Is there a payment and what is it?
# 9 Are visitors or extra guests allowed, are there age limits or how many can be? What are the approval procedures?, if necessary?
# 10 See if meetings or parties with other guests are allowed? What is their maximum size? Approval / permissions or pre-booking required?
# 11 Find out when the full hours are quiet, this is a right time for rest and relaxation. Think and treat your neighbors about, in order that they do!
# 12 Find out if you define spots or areas, that you can visit of your accommodation outside. Where guests can go and where they don’t? Are any possible sanctions and what they are there?
# 13 If a pet is had by you, then make certain to inform the accommodation before your reservation whether the pets are allowed and if there are any weight restrictions on them. If the tourist or hotel complex has a beach, is it has or pet-friendly a designated area for pets?.
# 14 a naked camera or camera is not allowed Usually. Some most people might not exactly want to be naked in your photography album completely. If you plan to capture a great moment, it’s a must, ask everyone or anyone in the frame to give their permission for the photo.
#15 When communicating and talking to most people who are also naked, it is very rude to have no contact with the optical eyes. In the naturist community, this is considered more crude even. Maintain eye contact, while talking to naked colleagues.
# 16 Without watching people, don’t look at them. The nudist environment must be safe, not sexual space. The whole point of being naked in a safe environment is to be comfortable in your natural skin. Therefore, please, don’t look or look or you’ll be considered a pervert.
# 17 Mandatory without sexual behavior when in nudist places, be it a hotel, camping, beach or private home. Show your sexual activity to the nudist public Never. Be restrained and use your common sense. Of course you can hold kiss and hands, if you wish.Your passionate touch and kissing in public and in public can make others uncomfortable. Use your common sense and leave sexual acts in the privacy of your room, where you shall be lonely and unnoticed.
# 18 if you are new to naturism and nudism Even, an erection or arousal in such a place is very unusual actually. But if it does, cover it up just, You have the towel with you always, remember? If you lie in the sun, reversal will enough be. If you see someone displaying your erection, tell the receptionist or the host about it.They know how to handle it and longer do this no.