Greece says, that national country, where the gods continue vacation. Country for several years encouraged Mediterranean visit to southern Europe. Actually, always beautiful, light period, many white beaches and great food inspire many. The centuries-old background of the united states even makes genuine hearing to decrease rumors. One sensation may be the meals. lamb, chops or grilled tomatoes are mandatory for each and every Greek holidaymakers. Furthermore, many salads, leaves – stuffed grape leaves and tzatziki certainly are a genuine revelation and all offered with ouzo and retsina wine unique.

Nudist our proposals to the Greek Islands:

Crete It really is located between mainland Greece and Africa. With a amount of 260 km and a width 60 km, the island is indeed big, that you could hardly know him totally to rest. With mountain ranges and several gorges, sandy and rocky beaches and dreamy bays Crete gives a varied nature.

The complex hotel and bungalow Vritomartis Hotel and Bungalows located south of the initial – popular than regular guests for several years.

Rhodes It is area of the Dodecanese archipelago. The island is situated on the border between European countries, Asia and Africa. Town Rhodes as administrative offices on the island, and that of the complete Dodecanese.

Family hotel “NaturistAngelClubHotel”, naturist offers top quality amenities and services and is situated in the northern area of the island , close to Valley of the Butterflies, Kameiros unique and ancient naturist beach Faliraki.

Zakynthos: Panorama Hotel is located in the breathtaking area of ​​Vassilikos in Zakynthos. This island is also called Zante due to its Venetian past and is quite unknown to tourists and they are pleasantly charmed. Probably all of you have already seen a picture of travelogues : rusty shipwreck, lying on the snow-white seaside, lined with imposing limestone cliffs, before that shines azure ocean.

Hotel Panoramaima 3 celebrities, a patio and indoor pool, and tennis courtroom. On 15 min of it really is rocky seaside with water sports activities Banana. 1500m is normally kostinurki rescue focus on the island and is a quarter-hour drive from the airport terminal.

Kefalonia: According to Greek mythology, the island’s name originates from Kefalos, who found Athens seeing that a refugee from Athens, where in fact the defeated folks of taffia in the western portion of the island and later took control of Kefalonia. Excavations present culture of Kefalonia, that’s a large number of years, as evidenced by the Mycenaean tombs, on the island.

Hotel Vassaliki Naturist Resort, the very best naturist holiday resort of Kefalonia, and naturists paradise. It really is nestled among traditional villages with high mini and taverns markets, and just 15 minute drive to the airport Kefalonia.

Keep in mind ID passport or cards / driving license. Guests of strange ringing EU should with their own consulate on access requirements sesvarzhat. When traveling into or through Greece must carry two caution safety and triangles vest. Quickness limit in the populous town 50 km / no, 90 km out of town / no, speed 110 km / no, highway 130 km / no.

The technique of payment is Euro. You pays generally in most shops and restaurants in Greece with bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard).

Advice, usually do not come stressed throughout your holiday in Greece. Enjoy your amazing holiday!

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