Each, who travels to Italy, It all comes not merely swim, Here awaits an array of attractions and beautiful landscapes travel or biking. Vacationing in Italy is usually of program means good meals, wine and soft summer time nights. Remember to uncover the national country, To take pleasure from your stay among people, that are open up and friendly to guests.

Puglia in the southeastern area of the Apennine peninsula is among the most breathtaking areas in Italy due to the numerous cultural and historical monuments and especially outstanding natural splendor, a few of which are believed internal advice still.

The famous village of Alberobello where shepherds have built small houses with high roofs round, called Trulli is a UNESCO World Heritage 1996 g. and is shielded as a traditional monument. It really is located of Barry southeast.

Ostuni is among the landmarks in your community using its stone walls, you can view more squares and monuments, seeing that: Castle of Dentex Frasso в Каровиньо; Lecce, “Florence of the South” with baroque architecture and Duomo; Monopoly with the outdated port.

In Gargano National Recreation area is Lake Varano, it’s the sixth largest in Italy. It located close to the coast and will be thought as the lake lagoon therefore.

The sights of the populous city of Brindisi include castles Aragones and Svevo, and Roman column Colon del Porto, which rises about 18 m.

In the near Brandizi, on the butush Italy, You will discover an attractive offer nudist. Naturist Resort Grottamiranda presents a comfortable stay static in historical walls and has about 8000 square meter plenty of sun and color in the center of lemon and fig trees.

Calabria e because the south of Italy, there are about 9 ha under powerful eucalyptus, between flowers and spices bushes, typical of nation cottages and comfortable vacation homes naturist village Pizzo Greco.

Landmarks in Calabria have become, you may make ekskuriya of your curiosity. The Archaeological Museum of the town of Cosenza will see exhibits of historic and early background of the spot Kosentin.

In Crotone you could find the ruins of the Greek city of Temple of Hera Lazio. It really is interesting museum Archeologico Nazionale; Artifacts from the annals of Crotone and the treasure from the temple you can observe here.

In Catanzaro may be the museum Provichila a distinctive assortment of 8000 Coin, that provide an image of the trade of days gone by Calabria. Xian Museo delle Carozze displays a assortment of carriages Baron.

Not need to be museum often, to find interesting what to Calabria. There are various fortresses and castles, worth visiting, as :

  • Rocca Imperiale – Castle can be found on a rock above the village predecessor Roca.
  • Roseto Capo Spulico – castle from enough time of Frederick II with a sea watch.

If you are thinking about pictures, sculptures, manufactured from marble and wood, Medieval silk or docs dresses from Catanzaro, Museo Diocesano may be the best place for you.

Pizzo city invites its people to stroll through the narrow winding streets of the outdated city. Capo Vaticano is among the most gorgeous coastal landscapes in Italy, extending among Nicotera and Tropea. Fantastic watch reveals a 710 m high mountain, the foot which is dipped in to the water steeply. Relaxation and Calm are available in the former angling village Parga, whose beaches and concealed coves are Srednya gorgeous in Calabria partially.

Liguria It is situated in northwest Italy, on the border with France. Region with magnificent mountains and mild hills, overgrown by shiny green, Mediterranean vegetation, which overlooks the Ligurian Sea, which right here forms a steep and durable coast. An area with many faces, numerous, but intrinsically linked, to provide a breathtaking look at of the, who choose this area for vacation destination.

Liguria holiday destination gives visitors nature, Sea and Mountains, culture, entertainment and exquisite life; you are actually spoiled for choice. Liguria is mainly the ocean with rocky coast, crossed by little bays with good sandy beaches.

Cinque Terre with Poetskiya Bay, Gulf of Tigullio, Genoa with golfing Paradiso and the Riviera with palm trees and flowers form a well-known Ligurian coast, which extends 300 km from Amelia to Ventimiglia.

This route are available the most popular holiday destinations in Liguria, the coast is filled with spectacular scenery series beaches, small ports and dreams corners, to most probably and offering a lot of opportunities for fun and shopping, especially at night.

San Remo, grvadat of flowers, famous event of Italian music and Gambling establishment, noble Alassio and Bordighera with a 3-kilometer sandy beach, Laygueliya and Varigoti are simply some of the jewels of the Riviera di Ponente.

In the province of Savona nudist camp. Nudist region of Kostalunga 15 000 m² is well managed and offers stunning sights of the valley from the terrace of the pool. On sunny times there and uncovered also distant sights of the Maritime Alps – off nearly 200 km!

Umbria It really is an Italian area, bordering Tuscany, Marche and Lazio. Categorised as the green center of the national nation and is known because of its medieval towns, dense forests and regional cuisine, with truffles and wine specifically. Perugia, capital of the spot, on a hill also, Established the medieval Palazzo dei Priori with the Museum of Artwork Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria. The guts of lifestyle in the city’s pedestrian area Corso Vannucci.

Umbria isn’t as referred to as Tuscany and does not have any access to the ocean, but that is the magic of the central Italian area. You may still find quiet charm, that depends upon is searching at Italy. In the fantastic green center of Italy connoisseurs, art lovers and character lovers are certain to get their money.

most tourists, who flock to the beaches about the coast of dash and Etruscan or Rome, remained Umbrian literally. It happens, that because of its authenticity Umbria isn’t just an internal board, nonetheless it is somewhat cheaper than the most famous holiday locations in Italy. each, who toured the spot between Lake Trasimeno and the northwest foothills of Mount Sibillini in southeast, will open up in the true way medieval towns, poetic landscapes and several other “treasures”.

Remember ID cards or valid passport. Guests from beyond your EU should get in touch with their consulate in charge of vlizane.Za on the formalities to enter France by car, you will need a license and certificate of automobile. please, be aware: tolls on French motorways. Speed limit: city 50 km / h, suburban 90 km / h, swiftness roads 110 km / h, highway 130 km / h.

The technique of payment in euro. In Italy you pays with most major bank cards (Amex, Visa, Diners, MasterCard) generally in most shops and restaurants.

Advice, usually do not come stressed throughout your holiday in Italy. Like a fabulous vacation and live freedom!

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