Nudism in France everywhere is, but we will offer you 4 region where it is extremely popular, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

unadulterated, but picturesque still, charming and peaceful beaches where one can like a wonderful vacation.

If the extensive beaches of the Atlantic or the elegance of the Mediterranean – Discover unique, magnificent parts of France and discover their desire nudist beach.

Long Mediterranean beaches Beautifully, diverse and rough Atlantic coast, dream island of Corsica or the giant mountains of Provence Ovan. Go to a different region every year, or connect many resorts in the come back journey – in both instances: all areas deserve to be found out!

Scents and colours of lavender and sunflower fields, culinary specialties with one glass of wine, wonderful castles, churches and museums … France offers a variety of sights, making beach holiday interesting and varied.

The spot Languedoc-Roussillon It reaches the Pyrenees and is among the oldest cultural landscapes in France. There are a lot more than 2000 years of history. historic PontduGard, a masterpiece of Roman architecture, medieval towns such as for example Carcassonne and Aigues-Mortes are available following to the futuristic bridge bridge “PontdeMillau” and retort tourist town “LaGrandeMotte”.

The primary tourist spots on the Mediterranean coast holidaymakers spend their holidays bathing in the Mediterranean, Cote d’Azur which includes become too expensive. Crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean are perfect for many sports activities: diving, kayaking and angling in deep sea and sailing. Languedoc area harmoniously combines southern French, Provencal and Catalan culture.

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French Atlantic coast its 3000 km long extends from Hendaye, border of Spain close to Biarritz to Brittany north. Vast landscapes of dunes (the best is normally near Bordeaux and Arcachon, Pilate dune elevation 114 m), alternating with toned sandy beaches of the huge ocean.

Castles, Fishing ports, probably the most famous & most valuable wine areas close to the museum Bordeaux, several famous little islands close to the coast, southwestern France presents all this plus much more as any occasion destination.

At the south, City of surfers, Biarritz, each year where in fact the sun shines Grand Pladzh for 2000 hours. city, which in those days was a fishing village where Napoleon III still. and his Empress Ezheni fell in like before their wedding ceremony, revamped its previous glory with a fresh shine. tourists, who spend their holidays in France, there are thalassotherapy mainly, golf or surfing.

To the north is Bordeaux, City Museum, surrounded by huge wine-developing area. “EsplanandedesQuinconces”, among the largest squares in European countries with a monument and fountain, “GrandThéâtre”, largest town gate “GrandCloche” from 13th century, Museums d’ArtContemporain and d’Aquitaine and the Basilica of St. Michel, These were among the sights of the populous city.

On 35 km north of Rochefort LaRochelle, interface city of 80 000 people, the youngest university in France, International Film Festival and Francofolies music event in July.

Just a little to the north to attain the seaside resort LesSablesd’Olonne infinitely long large sandy beach, simply by visible little island “Iled’Oléron”. The tiny much longer 30 km to 10 km wide Ile d’Oleron is most beneficial known for oyster farmers. The island is quite diverse. The lengthy sandy beaches to the west and north, colorful marketplaces, small ports, higher alcohols to the homes and the rocks on the northern suggestion give it its appeal. There are always a total 110 km bike paths, to create your vacation on the Atlantic coast Sports activities.

To an excellent delede Ré – against LaRochelle – could be reached via bridge 3 km. On the north part there are villages with their ports, from the Atlantic part has about 15 km beaches. Ile de Re is definitely well-known among surfers in France due to high waves especially.

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Corsica It really is located of the French continent Mediterranean southwest. The island, Greeks known as “Ile de la beauté” (ostrovnakrasotata), named rightly. Corsica is similar to a little continent, than Island naobiknoven. WITH 1000 kmbregove, that the mountain could be reached by you range with 70 varhanad 2000 m, Until June Samonas 30 km but still have snow, while you can like a nice bath in 20 ° C moretopri,

The largest gradsas 120 000 Ajaccio inhabitants is on the southwest coast. Traditional Corsican villages (a few of which are detailed) They are Oberland and create normal Mediterranean impression. Flowers bloom just about everywhere and there olives, eucalyptus and figs trees .

The island is razdelenna 2, Haute Corse-du-Sud and Corse.Nasever e “Cap Corse”. Calvi is among its port, where in one of sunlight terraces of the slot cafes in high time of year you can view the spectacle of arrivals extravagance yachts. On the outskirts of town has very long, wide sandy beach, that’s prior to the pine forest.

The western coast is quite steep, Here you will see malkiz Aliwal, some with pebbles, some with sandy beaches, some otkoito could be reached only by boat, surrounded by eucalyptus trees and tyurkoazenomore, never to lead any time. Corsica can be an unforgettable and beautiful using its diverse.

In the eastern portion of Corsica includes a wide plain behind the unlimited beaches. rosemary, myrtle and lavender bloom about the slopes of mountains in back of. Corsica may be the least populated of the large Mediterranean islands.

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Upper Provence. The well-known department of Alpes-de-Oh-Provence, that’s all they understand with chistiyasi atmosphere and over the common duration of the year-round sunshine, has remarkable normal and architectural heritage includes nasledstvo also.Tova beautiful landscapes with impressive prolomina Verdon, fantastichnitea lpiyski mountains, Geology Character Reserve OvanProvans, Plateau Valansole and famous lavender areas, and impressive lakes along the Verdon. However, inheritance is shaped characteristic and otkrasivite properties, of regional metropolitan areas and heritage with their cultural treasures, as Manosque, Dine-les-Bains, Barselonetili Sisteron. The department of Alpes-de-Oh-Provence can be a paradise for all outdoor sports activities also, as tourism, Mountain cycling, water and skiing sports.

Popular different places in your community : ekskurziido

  • Antibes
  • Nice
  • Monaco
  • Sentrope
  • beautiful mountains around Kastilon
  • Verdonsko famous gorge
  • castellan

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Remember: ID cards or valid passport. Guests from beyond your EU should get in touch with their consulate in charge of vlizane.Za on the formalities to enter France by car, you will need a license and certificate of automobile. please, notice: tolls on French motorways. Speed limit: city 50 km / h, suburban 90 km / h, velocity roads 110 km / h, highway 130 km / h.

The technique of payment in euro. In France, you pays with most major bank cards (Amex, Visa, Diners, MasterCard) generally in most shops and restaurants.

Advice, usually do not come stressed throughout your holiday in France. Like a fabulous vacation and live freedom!