It’s New Year 2022 – and the sun starts shining for the next four months in Thailand. As with every year, the high season starts…for the ones present. As with the current ongoing panic, tourists are scarce in Thailand. What sounds bad…can be good: What was not possible the last 25 years, is now reality – one has past overcrowded places literarily for him-/her-self.

Case in point: The beaches in Phuket. A naked swim is easily possible at many spots, as there are simply no onlookers present. To clarify: Standing and walking naked might attract unwanted attention, but sunbathing nude, perhaps shaded by palm trees and bushes, and nude swimming is risk-free at many spots along the Phuket coast.

Roger Steinmann from Oasis Naturist Villa was able to snorkel after a baby shark near the famous, previously closed, Maya beach on his trip to Phi Phi Island in mid-December. “Unthinkable just two years ago”, quipped an elder globetrotting Danish couple. “It was overcrowded every year, and now – people less. Such was well our starting point Phuket.” They chuckled: “Now, there are more fishes in the water, than water.”

Thus: It’s now or never in Thailand for natural naturists.