Oriental Beach Resort has been sold to an investor who plans to turn the popular resort into a retirement home.

“I tried to suggest to them that they should continue as a naturist resort but they believe more in the retirement business,” says Paulo Richel, the owner of Oriental Beach Village.

Paulo is now interested in finding a good location to open another, possibly smaller naturist resort. He is in particular interested in the Khao Yai area – unless he can find a spot with the small private beach.

“People like to have access to the sea, but if you have a natural place in the mountains with a stream it would also be good,” he says.

He adds that he would also be interested in doing it in a partnership with one or two partners.

Oriental Beach Village opened in the autumn of 2029. The Grand Opening party was celebrated in the weekend of 25-26 October 2019. The location was unique as it was the first among the six Thai naturist resorts that was located on the beach with direct walking access from the centre of the resort to the wide beach of the Koh Ko Khao island.

Nobody could have foreseen that less than half a year later, Thailand would close its doors to foreign tourists and remain shut down for almost 2 years.