• Travel date: 01.08. – 15.08.2020
  • Luxury five-master Royal Clipper
  • Michelin star chef on board

per person in the inside cabin

from EUR 4,599.-

Experience a nudist cruise of a special kind when we set sail with the luxurious “Royal Clipper”.

14 days cruise from Venice via Split and Dubrovnik to Montenegro and back from 01.08.2020 to 15.08.2020.
Don’t miss the opportunity to board this unique ship and discover great ports in Italy and Croatia. On day 12 you can also visit one of the oldest republics in the world, San Marino, and discover many old historical buildings there.
This year again a Michelin star chef will be on board our ship.

The 134 m long Royal Clipper offers optimal sailing characteristics, combined with a touch of adventure and the tradition that you can feel on board the world’s largest sailor. All this, however, combined with extraordinary extras and amenities that can only be found on a modern luxury yacht.
The imposing appearance of the Royal Clipper continues in the unusually spacious interior. At its heart is a three-story atrium through which sunlight falls into the elegantly furnished restaurant. Here you can enjoy
the culinary delights in a casual atmosphere without a fixed seating arrangement and no tiecreated by chefs from around the world. The restaurant can accommodate all passengers at the same time, so there is only one meal session.
A platform can be lowered from the stern for easy access to water sports . One of the many highlights is the Captain Nemo Lounge with spa and fitness area, which offers a unique view of the underwater world surrounding the sailing ship.

Itinerary *

Launch of the San Basilio luxury cruise terminal

01.08.2020 Venice, Italy

Embarkation approx. 3:30 k.m., departure approx. 7:30 k.m.

02.08.2020 Pula, Croatia

release 12:00, departure 20:00

03.08.2020 Krk Island, Croatia

release 08:00, departure 16:00

08/04/2020 Zadar, Croatia

release 8:00 an.m., departure 6:00 k.m.

05.08.evening 2020 coastal

06.08.2020 Separation, Croatia (overnight)

Release 09:00 an.m., departure 08:00 a.m.

07.08.2020 Hvar, Croatia

release 10:30 an.m., departure 11:30 a.m.

08.08.2020 Korcula, Croatia

release 9:00 an.m., departure 6:00 k.m.

09.08.2020 Dubrovnik, Croatia

release 09:00 an.m., departure 23:00 k.m.

10.08.2020 Kotor, Montenegro

release 9:00 an.m., departure 11:00 k.m.

11.08.2020 coastal day

12.08.2020 Rimini, Italy (overnight)

release 11:00 a.m., departure 8:00 a.m.

08/13/2020 Ravenna, Italy

Release 1:00 k.m., departure 6:00 k.m.

08/14/2020 Venice, Italy (overnight)

Release 9:00 a.m., departure 8:00 a.m. (disembarkation 8 a.m.)


** About this to transformation of itinerary – the previous resolution is placed with the captain, who provides to have weather condition and water diseases into consideration.

  • This hotels is normally not likely or exclusively partially well suited for company with minimized mobility
  • On plank language seeing that good seeing as excursions and actions during English
  • Travel and leisure particular date: 01.08.-15.08.2020
  • Travel and leisure selling price: from EUR 4,599 per person
  • All selling prices happen to be strong per someone and will be established on twofold occupancy.
  • Sole occupancy merely at the value of 2-someone occupancy.
  • Port taxes (approx. EUR 530 pp) plus cottage selling prices.
  • Hints (approx. EUR 8, – pp / evening) payable on snowboard.

Attached found in the travelling amount:

  • lined up cabin
  • 100 % board
  • Several drinks creative seeing as property wine beverage, dark beer, every last day cocktail, soft drinks

Surplus cost:

  • Liquid taxi = 100-125 euros, encouraged to discuss with different participants
  • Port service fees and taxes.EUR 500)
  • Recommendations payable on mother board (approx. EUR 135 per woman)
  • Birth and departure by plane
  • transfer
  • trips
  • workshops
  • Statements:
  • Marco Polo Cosmopolitan Airport approx. 20-30 short minutes away
  • Birth: 1 times located in improvement, departure: Book a journey from 12 noon, little elevators – please phone promptly if you possess mobility conditions.


Your Travelling Plus

  • simply deposit plus last repayment – on EURO
  • Cancellation price ranges up to 1 yr before the begin of the time simply EUR 100, – pp
  • Messages on German
  • Travel around paperwork on German
  • Pre- or post-program as perfectly as trip appearance can be booked
  • You will receive a fabulous every and every day kept up to date travelling have.
  • More information learn that coming from to sound currency fluctuations for the dollar switch amount, little or no price tag list may very well stay placed during the critique of the up coming 1 to 2 months or even years.



  • whole board
  • Michelin star gourmet on board
  • Many people cocktails shown (property wine beverage, dark beer, soft cocktails …)
  • Pool area towels free
  • hairdryer
  • adjustable air flow conditioning
  • 220 volt sockets
  • Log cabin Safe
  • Wifi for a good fee

You have all the amenities you need in the cabin. The large twin pickup bed can get tweaked to two sole bed frames if sought after. Marble bath room, wall safe, tv, immediate call phone and incredibly comfy furniture will be a subject of program. All cabins possess their unique bathing room and bathtub. Deluxe and the creator fit happen to be loaded with a tub.

You can watch the bridge and police officers navigate at any good time. In acquisition, you will come across out all you want to comprehend about the port of phone at the luxury cruise director’s weekly storytime. Enjoy an incredible cocktail at the Tropical Rod, tune in to the movies in the Keyboard Rod or indulge in the light up and down of your marining cruise ship in forward of the bow when it glides pretty much silently through the waves. You secure in touching with the folks and several other passengers highly as soon as possible and have fun with a satisfied on-board personal life – whether you prefer to reading a book on deck, use a pastime of chess or bridge in the library or prefer to refresh yourself with a yummy cocktail at the Tropical Rod: whatever You equally complete, the concentrate of onboard existence is usually the interesting encounter usually,

The on-board boutique offers a huge selection of everyday items as well as the Star Clippers fashion collection.


Further vessel information

You shall find two swimming pools on board, which are filled with sea water in good weather conditions. Sun bedrooms works extremely well no cost of fee. Various water sports are offered – a especially designed water platform offers very comfortable entry options. Fitness and SPA area. There will end up being a nurse on panel, and all cruise ship officers shall come to be able to present first aid.

The cruise overseer organizes lectures on the excursions, so you get a detailed overview of each excursion (in English). The excursions can come to be scheduled on mother board at the tour counter.

Gastronomy and Shopping

Such as for any high-quality dining, you have no cost personal preference of stand on panel. The continental lunch break buffet gives croissants, toast, new tropical fruits, lighter pastries, bacon, grilled sausages, smoked omelets and salmon. For lunchtime you will enjoy the abundant buffet with seafoods, grilled dishes, salads and yummy desserts. The evening In, very good team cooking creations by the recipient a-la-carte look forward to you in the catering. This includes a wine list additionally, which of lessons additionally includes very good champagne in increase to very good wines from numerous countries.


Spectacular get: an Michelin-starred chief cook will accompany you on this fantastic time!



You will receive a directory of country excursions, including all excursions without outfits, expected 30 times in advance. All countrywide excursions can end up being acquired on panel the Royal Clipper from the time of embarkation.

Destinations on the way:

  • Venice: St. Mark’s Rectangle, art museums, ornamental stone bridge, nudist seashore near Lido, Grand Canal
  • Pula: Roman buildings, Roman amphitheater
  • Krk Island: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Franciscan Monastery, Frankopan Castle, countless nudist beaches
  • Zadar: Unique waterfront, Krk Nationwide Park
  • Separation: Riva promenade, Diocletian’s Construction, Roman monuments
  • Hvar: marining watercraft concert tour, hike
  • Korcula: St. Mark’s Basilica, Bishop’s Treasury. Community adult ed, community churches
  • Dubrovnik: old community walls
  • Kotor: good old township, cathedral of St. Tryphon
  • Rimini: Tiberius bridge, Roman ruins, Renaissance cathedral, have a look at to San Marino = old castles
  • Ravenna: Basilica of San Vitale, the industry hall, Piazza del Popolo

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