The Mornington Peninsula shire could possibly be worried about an influx of nudists from the populous city of Wyndham, but councillors have much say don’t. Sunnyside North in Mount Eliza is designated as a legal nudist beach under an act of Parliament, the Nudity (Prescribed Areas) Act 1983. Your biggest infringement fear is a parking ticket. Don’t go scaring the locals by disrobing at Sunnyside beach by the motor car park. Keep your shoes on and clamour over the rocks to Sunnyside North. The Free Beaches Australia website warns followers to watch out for rocks in the water. Skin may be your major organ, but it’s susceptible to stings, sunburn and scrapes, though hypothermia could possibly be the biggest problem in winter. Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap those vulnerable bits in summer.


Warnbro Beach, about 53km south of Perth, is considered one of the west coast’s nude beaches best, with a clothing-optional section about 900m shielded and long by sand dunes. Rockingham City Council reviewed its status in 2007 after concern it had become a pick-up joint, but a one-vote majority allowed it to continue as a brazen haven. “Warnbro nudies are generally very friendly and chatty if you stop when someone says hello – otherwise say hello and keep walking if you are a private person and no-one will think you rude,’ Ryan advises on the Naturist Directory website. Great white sharks here have been spotted, but there’s no intensive research on whether they prefer nudes over surfers in wetsuits.


Maslin Beach in Adelaide is home of the event known as the Nude Olympics formerly. Rather than let the International Olympic Committee sue the pants off them (no point, really) organisers changed the name to the Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games. The designated “unclad” area is at the southern end of the beach, about 800m walk along the sand from the key entrance. Once here it’s best to follow suit (or not) and wear a hat, smile and little else. The 1997 movie Maslin Beach – “a naked and hilarious search for the meaning of life” – distinguished itself by having no costumes and the action contained within real time.


Lady Bay Beach, with its view of Sydney’s skyline in the distance, is Australia’s oldest nudist beach. Some of the beachgoers with their leathery skin look like they’ve been here since nudity was legalised in 1976. The beach is hugged by two rocky outlets, rendering it private, except for a lookout at the top of the cliffs where the curious can take a sneak peek. The beach is merely about 100m long, with calm waters and no surf, and can get crowded. Make sure you observe the basic rules of all nude beaches: don’t stare, take images don’t, don’t do anything suggestive, wander outside the designated area without clothes on don’t, ensure you apply sunscreen, and cover chairs with a towel before you sit down.


Queensland is the only state without a legal nude beach, but persons keep challenging the Vagrants Gaming and Other Offenses Act. Many a backpacker has been happy to cop a $100 fine for the sublime art of sunbathing au naturel in the far north. Aussie Naturalists and Lonely Planet both recommend Cow Bay in the Daintree area, with its shady tropical trees. Cape Kimberley tops some lists also. But be warned. These beaches are remote and beautiful, but take your clothes off and you might as well cover your body with seasoning instead of sunscreen because those cruising crocodiles aren’t just sightseeing.


During summer weekends, Cobblers Beach can become crowded and is popular with couples and families. This is the best time for new nudists, as you blend with the rest and are less likely to be self conscious. Cobblers Beach is also the location for the Sydney Skinny twelve-monthly nude fund raiser swim.

Cobblers Beach is at the eliminate of Middle Head Road in Mosman. To get from the location there, cross over the Harbour Bridge and turn off against Neutral Bay along Military Road (Route 14). Follow this road to Spit Junction. Continue straight ahead at Spit Junction through Mosman Junction and just after Raglan Street bear left into Middle Head Road. Follow this to the final end, nearby the access to the navy base.

The beach is accessed via a walking track on the northern side (left) of Middle Head. This is a five minute walk to Cobblers on an unsealed road (on foot) called Cobblers Beach Road. It’s a steady decline and is easier than the very steep track located at the edge of the oval that some locals use. If driving be certain to park legally as the local council enforce parking regulations with zeal.

Cobblers Beach is not difficult to get to by public transport – every day there’s an hourly bus service (Route 244) from Stand A Carrington St, Wynyard (City) which takes about 25 minutes. Alight at HMAS Penguin Naval Base. Five minute walk to either Cobblers Beach on the Obelisk or left Beach to the right. For more information regarding Cobblers Beach and a note from a first timer go to

(Obelisk Beach meanwhile is near Cobblers Beach but to the right at the eliminate of Middle Head Road, and is popular with gay nudists.

Lady Bay Beach (sometimes called Lady Jane Beach) is another Sydney Harbour beach, located at South Head, Watsons Bay. From Camp Cove Beach, Cliff Street, Watsons Bay, climb the north steps and walk 200 metres to Lady Bay, past the historic cannon emplacements.

Lady Bay Beach can be reached by ferry from No.4 Wharf Circular Quay to Watsons Bay. Despite its name, Lady Bay Beach is popular with male nudists particularly.

Werrong Beach is in the Royal National Park, of Sydney south. This is an isolated beach at the eliminate of a two kilometre bush walk. Popular with gay nudists. Swimming is dangerous here.

Little Congwong Beach is the beach further east past Conwong Beach on the left side of Anzac Parade, La Perouse and has been an unofficial nudist beach for over 30 years. Unfortunately, the local council has stepped up patrols to deter nudists. Therefore Sadly, this beautiful beach can longer be recommended no.